Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My next project

Now that my Bear on the Chain has been safely delivered to the Antioch Chamber, Antioch, Il, I am looking forward to my next project.

A gentleman has a family room that he would like a beach scene mural in.  Ok, no problem I said when I confirmed his address and a time to come over to look at the room. Usually I get a nice big, blank wall, 8x10 or larger, to paint on.
Well...............this is a blank wall alright, but it is above a chair railing, so the dimensions are 3' high by 17' long.  A challenge to say the least.  I have labored over how to present it..........water to the front, land along the back........or vice versa.  How to fit in all the requirements (huts, palm trees, etc) that he wants in it. 
Sketching and graphing the design in small sketchbooks just wasn't making it for me, so I finally taped some red paper (like found in Menards), 3'x17' long on the wall in my basement and started working on the design in that manner.  I think I have it good in my head now what I am going to do on Monday, May 23, when I start at his house.

I can't seem to get the pictures to align into a panaramic view for you, so use your imagination !
I will post pics as I progress on the mural

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bears on the Chain...........COMPLETED !!

I have finally completed my Bear on the Chain!!

To reiterate what this project has been about, the town of Antioch, IL, secured seated, fiberglass Bear sculptures for local artists to paint.  On submitting designs for the Bears, a sponsor (local business, etc), chose the design they wanted to purchase.  The name Bears On The Chain comes from the chain of lakes in the area.
In June, the Bears (35 in all), will be placed in businesses and other establishments in the town for display to the public.  Then in Sept, the Bears will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to the Antioch high school scholarship fund, Open Pantry and Save-a-Pet.

My bear was named, "Something Fishy's Going On."

Here he is as I got him, ................................and here he is finished.