Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Airbrush Class....Week 4 projects

And here are today's projects.
The one on the right is a t-shirt, but I couldnt get the whole thing on my scanner, so just use your imagination. I'm not quite ready to take over the airbrush booth at Great America just yet, but I have definitely improved since week 1 !!

Airbrushing is great fun !

There are now 6 of us in the airbrush class. We are taking this through Antioch Fine Arts Foundation, a neighboring town's art organization that I am a member of.

I forgot to post last weeks projects: (Sept22, ...week 3 of airbrush class). So here they are:

Monday, September 28, 2009

What's on my easel ??

I am gearing up for 3 upcoming shows......one in Florida and two in Wisconsin.

My brain is working overtime to try and paint something for everyone. Most of the shows in the north have to be barns, florals, etc, because those show-goers just don't connect with my underwater fishes and critters. There are a few, but not many.

I usually do scuba dive trade shows in Florida, but this year I was accepted to a fine art show in Estero, Fl. the 7-8 of November. I am trying to paint some more tropical scenes, etc. other than just my underwater, which I will also be showing there.

I guess I should try and decide which shows / pieces of art to do........underwater or barns, etc. Hmmmm.....I love them both, plus love the two different shows. Guess I'll just have to work overtime for now.Here is what is on my easel at the moment...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dive with this place !!!?????

Would you like to go scuba diving with a place like this???

I had forgotten about this photo I had taken a few years ago in Florida. The sign amused me.

Thank goodness the place is no longer in business !!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Whenever time allows, I like to do the exercise on the blog of Karin Jurick's blog, Different Strokes from Different Folks. This time it was a photo of cupcakes.

145 artists engaged in the challenge,.........here is my version.....

Air Brushing.....how fun !!!

As I mentioned before, I started an airbrush class. I want to try to add some different elements to my paintings, just for the fun of it, so I thought airbrushing might be what I'm looking for.

Here is what I did on my first class.........Just trying to get a feel for the airbrush
Now here is what I did this week........I'm improving !!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

AirBrush Class

I'm excited !!!! In about 2 hours, I will be starting an airbrush class. I bought a Badger Airbrush gun and an air compressor a few years ago, but could never seem to figure out quit how to use them. I was working on a wall as a canvas and had blue overspray all over the studio ! What a mess to clean up. So that was pretty much the last time I tried to use the airbrush. Then this class came along........so I quickly signed up.

I'll post examples of what I am learning as this progress.