Sunday, April 6, 2008

Beautiful painting done

Well, ...........Winter was hanging on for so long and we FINALLY had a beautiful Spring weekend here in Southeastern Wisconsin. Instead of painting, I was outdoors starting the cleanup of the yard. As best I could anyway. The ground in our backyard has become a part of the swamp that is next to our lot, so it was too spongy and wet to do any raking of branches and leaves. The front yard was a little less wet, so raking was easier. I also started to cut the dead leaves on some of my perennials that didn't get done last Fall.
This time of year is always like a new breathe for me. Its exciting to clean out the flowers gardens of winters debris and see the plants poking their little heads out, welcoming the warmer days of Spring.
As Scarlet OHare would say, "Tomorrow is another day" another day is when I will get back into my studio and paint again.

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