Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Matthew Scott Johnston: Diving a Dream

Matthew Johnston is a ventilator dependent man who decided he wanted to live his childhood dream and become a scuba diver. Despite physical afflictions, muscular dystrophy at an early age, Matt convinced his father and the scuba world that he was ready to see underwater what he has only been dreaming of.

Since I let my subscription to Scuba Diving magazine expire, I had not read this article nor heard about Matt before. I only happened across this video by mistake while on my friend, Pascal's, website.

Please click on this link and then on the Today show logo to see the video http://www.divingadream.org/ and on http://www.scubadivingdream.com/default/scubadivingpage1.html to see pictures of Matt underwater.

You do not have to be a scuba diver to appreciate what Matt has accomplished, .......just a caring human being.

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Elizabeth said...

Matthew is amazing - good for him. Thanks for sharing his story!