Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Commission Art

Although most of my art is for my website or galleries, I do paint commission pieces in the form of murals or paintings.

One that I recently finished was from a fellow scuba diver in California, who found me on Jennifer contacted me about doing a painting of a "Cabby", or cabezone, a fish from the scorpionfish family. She sent me images from her personal underwater library of the cabby and oil rigs that she wanted included into the painting.

After emailing back and forth to decide on size, etc, she gave me complete artistic license .
I started out making numerous sketches to help me decide how I wanted the final painting to look. On an unstretched piece of canvas, I started with blues and whites to get the feel of the sun streaming down on the skeletal structure of the oil rigs through the ocean. I then used the great photo she had of the cabby as reference and placed him to the front of the picture to represent the ledge he was sitting on. Much adjusting of color was made to the piece to get the feeling I sought after for this cabezone. After adding muscles, anemones and brittle stars, I signed the piece to call it finished.

Most commissions can be done in about two months. If you are interested in a custom piece, email me at


Elizabeth said...

I clicked on the picture for a larger view and it is amazing. I really got the feeling that I was "under water." Great piece of art.

Christine's Arts said...

Excellent! I know whoever received this artwork was happy.