Friday, August 28, 2009

Commissioned painting

Kevin's Cathedral, Colorado was a piece I did years ago for a dear friend of the family.

Kevin loves to live where its cold........Colorado, Washington, Alaska, (Fairbanks, Kotubue, Anchorage), Wyoming, Montana. He can't stand to be warm in any way. He even carries a portable fan in the trunk of his car to set up wherever he is that is beyond his comfort level.

This painting is from a place in the Colorado Rockies that was special to Kevin when he lived there. He would never reveal the exact location, just gave me pictures to compose it by.


sam said...

Looks beautiful:) How I would like to go to Alaska!

Bonnielynn said...

Thank you, Sam.
I have been to Alaska twice.....its spectacular. I think we need to take care of it and preserve its beauty for future generations to enjoy.