Thursday, October 7, 2010


Do you like to be alone?  How do you feel when you are ?

Here is a video shared  by a friend with the question of  "What does being alone mean to you?"
I hope you watch the video and can answer this question yourself.

Here was my answer: "ALONE. Its a very special thing to be. To me it means that I am at peace within myself. If I like being with just me, than I know that others will like me also.
I can talk to myself and no one cares. I crack myself up much of the time with the goofy things I do, ......on purpose or not.
ALONE. Nothing to be ashamed of, or afraid of.
Learn to like who you are by being ALONE once in awhile"

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Christine's Arts said...

That video made me want to cry. I like being alone it is peaceful and quiet. It's not scary or something to be avoided. I have a painting I titled "Alone, Not Lonely" It's a place I like to go to and refresh. Here is a link: