Sunday, November 9, 2014


With the holidays quickly approaching and we are checking our lists twice wondering what to get that special someone, please remember that ART MAKES A GREAT GIFT !

Yes, I know, everyone's walls are filled with paintings already, but did you ever think about rotating the art?
Take something down and fill the space with something new, even just small paintings............what a refreshing look to a room!
My husband tells me that he can tell what season is going on by what paintings are on our walls.  I am forever changing out the art.

Think about the time you would be saving by shopping from my website, Ocean Colors Art, and not having to stand in lines with your arms full of packages in a mall with hundreds of cranky shoppers.  And your item (s) will be delivered right to your door. 

The name of my website may be deceiving........... but there is much more on there besides fishes and underwater scenes.  Are you looking for florals, or maybe a scene from that Alaskan trip you took?
Check it may be pleasantly surprised !

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