Monday, December 22, 2008

Making it through the Christmas season

As much as I love Christmas and all that goes along with it, there is always that fleeting moment when I just wish it was all over with.

I used to be a visual merchandiser for large department stores, and every September, we would start putting up the Christmas trees, wreaths and garland all over the store despite the customers who would make it known very loudly that it was "just too early to be thinking about Christmas....its not even Halloween for pity sake !"
Then I took a job as a floral designer and again in September, along with making autumnal floral pieces, we would start our Christmas seasonal designs. So you can see that for years my holiday seasons would seemingly go on forever and ever !

Even though I felt I had Christmas up the ying-yang, I would always make sure at home that the tree was up and that my two sons participated in decorating the house and baking the cookies, and now I am thankful that I forced myself to do these things, because these traditions have now been passed on to my grandchildren. To see the look in their eyes when the tree is decorated and lit means the world to me.

I know that the season between Thanksgiving and Christmas can get very daunting at times. The shopping, the baking, the wrapping of presents, etc etc. Just take a deep breathe and know that somehow you will get it all done. Keep it all in perspective and don't bog yourself down with trivial tasks.

We must keep in mind what the real meaning of Christmas is: it is the celebration of the birth of our Lord; the love and coming together of family and friends.. Just for one magical day of the year, all seems right with the world. Remember the reason for the season.

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