Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sea turtles

The Seris are an ethnic indigeous group of the Mexican state of Sonora. They were historically semi-nomadic hunters/gatherers who maintained an intimate relationship with the sea and land. Today they live in two villages on the edge of the Gulf of California. The songs of the Seri tell the stories of creation. This is part of the story of their sacred "relative", the sea turtle.
After the Great Flood, which covered the entire earth, the majestic sea turtle swam down in the ocean. With powerful strokes of her graceful flippers, the sea turtle swam deeper and deeper until she reached the bottom of the ocean.
There, she collected earth and swam back up to the surface where she formed new land.
That land is where we live today.
That is why the sea turtle is our sacred relative
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Elizabeth said...

Love, love, love your sea turtles, Bon!
It is neat to think about how we are all related...

Bonnielynn said...

Being a non-practicing Catholic, I do still believe in creation and that there is definitely someone bigger out there guiding us/ loving us.
I find the beliefs of the Indians, whether Native American or otherwise, to be totally fascinating. I like the ideas that we are connected with wildlife and all the creators around us.

Naples Scuba Diving said...

Bonnie, thanks for visiting us:
Scuba Outfitters of Naples, we look forward to meeting next time you're down our way. The turtles are awesome!