Tuesday, September 8, 2009

AirBrush Class

I'm excited !!!! In about 2 hours, I will be starting an airbrush class. I bought a Badger Airbrush gun and an air compressor a few years ago, but could never seem to figure out quit how to use them. I was working on a wall as a canvas and had blue overspray all over the studio ! What a mess to clean up. So that was pretty much the last time I tried to use the airbrush. Then this class came along........so I quickly signed up.

I'll post examples of what I am learning as this progress.


Elizabeth said...

How exciting! Looking forward to seeing your new skills!

sam said...

I would love to experiment with an airbrush too-look forward to seeing your masterpieces!

dominique eichi said...

all your work is great but were are the cupcakes !!!
there great BTW