Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7 Reasons Why I Scuba Dive

7 Reasons Why I Scuba Dive:
Diving in Cozumel

1. Appreciation for beauty: I love color--in my art and in the world around me.  The colors in the fishes and corals I see underwater are so spectacular and beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes at times when I think that HE created it all.

2. Sense of Adventure:  I love trying new things.  I guess I have a touch of reckless abandon.  People always told me I couldn't, ........but I can !

3. Photography: Photography with my Nikonos V underwater camera make the reference material I use for my underwater themed watercolors and oil paintings.

4. Peaceful Feelings: Underwater, I am alone with my thoughts.  All I hear is my own breathing.  Comfortable, relaxed feelings take over my body and mind.

5. Commaderie: I have something wonderful in common with the three girls I dive with and the people we meet on our dive trips.

6. Learn respect: Seeing life under the sea can do nothing but make one respect our environment and want to preserve it.

7. Educating: As I learn more and more about the oceans and the inhabitants, I like to pass this information onto school children.  They are like sponges in that they want to learn and they ask a million questions when I'm done speaking.
Educating and increasing public awareness through my art is my mission to get people to think about the health and survival of our oceans for future generations to enjoy.


Elizabeth said...

Great list Bonnie. Number 4 almost makes me want to try diving sometime...

sam said...

Very interesting to share your passion with us and Im sure it would be very educational taking the plunge into the ocean! Nice pic by the way!