Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Celebrating Life in the Sea

 Painting colorful underwater subjects is an expression of my love and respect for our oceans.
Finding inspiration and then creating works of art is a problem often faced by artists.  My inspiration comes from the underwater photos I take as reference material of the sea life, fishes and corals.  I then let the subjects dictate if the piece will work better in watercolor or oil paints.  The transparency of watercolor's on the smooth surface of hot pressed paper may be what is needed for the delicate shape of a triggerfish or the heavier application of oil paints on canvas for the bulkier body of an octopus or shark.

When people see my art, I would like for them to feel happy and invigorated by the bright colors I use and to feel, if just for a moment, that they have entered this beautiful underwater worlk and become a part of my adventures.

A delicate balance exists between our lives and with that of the oceans.  Educating and increasing public awareness through my art is my mission to get people to think about the health and survival of our oceans for future generations to enjoy.


sam said...

Hey Bonnie, there cant be a better reason to paint what you do! I love the colours here, and think the watercolour works really well good job)

uwfotogal - said...

Awesome work and looking forward to seeing more! Can't wait to have a scarf of my own. I love the colors but they sell out fast. I have one similiar and I will have to go have a look, I've had it many years.

Thanks for the eye candy!