Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are you an artist??

I just read this blog from the MN plein air painter, Marc R Hanson, and liked the humor in it so had to share it with you.
This is a paraphrase from his blog:

I have a question... Is there a school out there that teaches the two questions that almost everyone who walks up behind me asks?

1- "Are you an artist, are you painting?"... Easel is up, brushes in my hand, paint all over the palette, paint brush with paint is on the canvas...

2-Remember, they're behind me looking at my painting and what I'm painting... "What are you painting?"

Tonight the last people in the park, besides me, were rock climbers. A young lady clinging and clanging from all of the climbing gear hanging from her body came up and asked me both questions. To answer her first one I said "Yes...Are you a climber?" She stretches out a big grin and says "Why yes I am!".

To answer the second question, I just pointed out in front of me.

Either I'm not doing a very good job, one that she can recognize, or she took the course... I just don't know!!!


samos said...

oh my gosh! so true isn't it? how funny!

Judybec said...

So funny! People are amazing aren't they!! thanks for sharing this.