Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mini-mural for Child's room

Yes, its been awhile since I've posted anything.   Just don't ask, ok ??

Last week, I did "mini" murals in a child's bedroom.  Now these are odd items for a 4 year old girl to ask for, but the parents were willing to comply.
She wanted "realistic" dinosaurs, but to not make them too scary looking, I softened up the color palette a bit.

The "framed" 36"x36" mother and baby are over a dresser, the flying ones (36" tall each) are over the bed, and the one "bursting" out of the wall (36" high), is over a desk. The little one in the egg (about 15" tall) is next to the closet door down low.

I hope you enjoy them !


Elizabeth said...

I was wondering how you would go about painting dinosaurs for a young girl's room...these are great Bon! I especially like the baby coming out of the egg.

Mandy Oviatt said...

I love those hand-painted dinosaur murals
Dinosaurs are amazing!