Friday, April 22, 2011


Decisions, decisions.  As I work on my Bear on the Chain sculpture, I find that there are decisions that I have to make as I go along.
The legs and feet are in different poses than they looked like in the line drawing that we got to do our detailed drawing on for application.  It is more difficult than I anticipated, especially with the scuba bear drawing that I am doing, (see previous blog entry), but I will work it out eventually.
I added sculpture medium to the mouth to give it substance and make it look like he has a scuba regulator in his mouth.

Here are more pictures as I progress on my Bear on the Chain sculpture.



Carrie Jacobson said...

hey, bon, this is a RIOT. What is the impetus for this? And where is it going? I really love it. And why "on a chain"? I am SO DENSE today.

Carrie Jacobson said...

Oh, duh, now I get it. I have seen cows and whales, but never bears. Congratulations first on being chosen! And I love your bear. I bet he will be the best.